Furyborn by Claire Legrand

You touch me and I burn, and I could take everything burning down with me!

I bought Furyborn a couple months ago, almost on cover alone. I started reading it because I gave my boyfriend a list of titles, and he chose this. But once I started, I didn’t have any interest in stopping. 

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The Buried Giant by Kazu Ishiguro

Fantasy is one of my favorite genres, I love diving into a new world with different races, languages and destinations. I view fantasy stories as an escape from reality and I enjoy the breaks. I picked up The Buried Giant by Kazu Ishiguro as an impulse buy during a trip to Barnes and Noble. The cover was so pretty I couldn’t help but pick it up and the synopsis caught my interest talking about Briton after the fall of Camelot and the adventure of an elderly Briton couple going to find their lost son and happening upon varies companions along the way.

buried giant

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Let’s Talk About: Tijuana Bibles

tumblr_lqrej5oPYZ1qkcey7o1_500I’m not sure how I, a lover of sex knowledge and comics, only just now found out about these things. However, I’m real glad I’ve now entered this realm. Tijuana bibles, also known as dirty comics or fuck books, were little booklets of raunchy comics, often featuring well known characters or people, that were secretly distributed from the 1930’s to the 1950’s. It’s a whole secret world of comic based pornography that people don’t know about, but that nearly everyone was involved in.

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