The A.V. Club

portland-press-herald_3278451A few years ago, admit the height of my YouTube obsession (though I’m not certain I’ve ever come down), I discovered an amazing channel along with my brother that we totally fell in love with. It’s combines the wonder of live music with the fun of covers and the thrill of incredible musicians. Though it seemed like it might have been short lived, the show is alive & kicking more than ever in it’s now sixth season. Plus, they’ve got an incredible website offering even more goodies to boot. Read More »

Feminerd: Women On 20s

3043405-poster-p-1-the-campaign-to-replace-jackson-with-a-woman-on-the-20-billThe appearance of our currency may not be something that weighs heavily on your mind much. Or consciously, at least. A revolutionary new campaign is bringing to light all that our money does to our society, other than pay for stuff & cause problems. With the exception of one specific type of coin, there are no women present on any United States currency. When those designs are supposed to represent the history, culture, and values of America, doesn’t something seem a bit wrong?

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Let’s Talk About: ONE Condoms

5044338738_e31ffa68b2_bBelieve it or not, there’s more condoms out there than Trojan. Nothing against Trojan, but there are a whole lot more companies making condoms and gear for sexy times. Isn’t one of the whole pleasures of sex all the variety that comes with it? Enter ONE, the coolest, smartest condom company out there. They’ve got variety, knowledge, and coolness. They market & make condoms in all the right ways, so that some people can finally realize they’re a little dumb for not wearing one. Plus, there’s a lot more to their condoms than just making sex safer.

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Appdicted: Chairish

mzl.alyzlfmv - CopyI’ve been outrageously into interior design, home decor, and furniture lately, Fangirls. So with that, I look for things to help fuel & better my obsession. Chairish is the perfect accessory to an interest in home embellishment. It uniquely allows you to buy, and sell, all sorts of beautiful things like furniture, art, and little things to perfectly enhance your home.

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