This Week

It’s been okay, this week. I’ve lost about four pounds, which is awesome. I’ve kept up on my running and eating better. I’m excited about that. But yesterday my mental health issues slammed into the drivers seat and gave a big “f you” to me.

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Skinny Mint Teatox

Alright Fangirls, I did it! I took the Skinny Mint Teatox challenge, and I blew it out of the water! Over the course of just 28 days, I drank tea designed to help wake me up and help my digestive track. After a month of the teas along with my regular diet and exercise, I lost almost 10lbs.

Day 1: 178.4 pounds


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Weight Loss

Fangirls, I’ve struggled with my weight for years. I’ve had body confidence issues since late elementary school; I remember having a girl in my class tell me that I was a fat, four-eyed freak in fourth grade. I was less chubby in middle school, because I got into field hockey, and was busy often. In high school, I put some weight back on again, but my heaviest wasn’t until this past December.

The image on the left is from October 2015, and the right is from April 2016, about 13lbs down.

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Appdicted: Fitbit (again)

Alright Fangirls, I know what you’re thinking; But Emily! You wrote about this two weeks ago! You’re right, I did. A couple days after writing that, though, I took a big step and decided it was time to start watching what I ate. I hoped fitbit would help me with this, since it has the food tracking software inside. So, I started counting calories. I put everything into my fitbit that I put into my mouth.


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