The Mighty Thor #2

When last we saw Thor aka Jane Foster, she was battling several things at once. As Jane, she is battling cancer and the chemotherapy treatments while also serving as a member of the World Council, who fear Odin as he locks his wife in jail and searches endlessly for this new Thor. As Thor, she faces off against Malekith, who is forming his own council of villains. Oh, and did I mention that this villains council is considering allowing Loki in? Because they are.

mighty thor 6

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Batgirl Issue 42

Being that 42 is the answer to life, the universe, and everything, I was looking forward to this issue kicking a whole lot of butt. It did, and a lot happened that I didn’t expect to see. Issue 41 left off with Batman telling Batgirl that she’s under arrest (after her father having told her that he is Batman now), and that’s right where 42 picks up.


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Batman: Joker’s Daughter

Hey Fangirls. I know awhile back I mentioned my dislike for the Joker’s Daughter, a character introduced in Catwoman and given her own Villain Comic. Her story for the comic itself was weird and lame, but her backstory (as Duela Dent) is interesting. Duela is a character who basically hopped from villain to villain, calling herself their daughters. She worked with Catwoman and Scarecrow, among others.


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