Lumberjanes Issue 22

After finding out that Seafarin’ Karen is a werewolf, I thought things couldn’t get much more wild. But I was 100% wrong.


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Lumberjanes Issues 10-12

I know I’m behind, Fangirls, but I’m working to catch up. These three issues show us what happens to The Roanoke cabin when they’re given a free day to split up and do what they want; Jo, April, and Ripley decide to earn some “normal” badges while Mal and Molly go on a date, excuse me, a picnic.


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Coffin Hill Issues 18 – 19

Fangirls, every time I read Coffin Hill, my brain says something along the lines of “ohshitohshitohshit” through the entire comic. It’s intense, scary, and almost overwhelming to read at some points! Now, issue 20 is out already, but I could barely handle the intensity of these two, so I decided against adding the third today, but it’ll be up next time.


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