Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur: BFF

Fangirls, my eyes have been wide for Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur since I first saw promotions for it. Sadly, since I have not been visiting the comic shop as often as I would like, I hadn’t seen anything since the promotions (which means I totally forgot that it existed, yikes). But I went in a couple weeks ago, saw the first trade, and lost my mind. Of course I want to read about a rad lady and her dino friend! Who wouldn’t?


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Captain Marvel Issue 4

Fangirls, a whole bunch of business just went down in this issue. When we last left off, Captain Marvel’s powers were failing, they were being attacked by a virus-like ship, and it a new ship was broadcasting “Death to Hala” on repeat at them. Seeing as Captain Marvel wears the Hala star on her uniform, and their whole dang ship is shaped like a Hala star, things were not looking good at all.


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Jem and the Holograms Issue 9

Consider that mischief managed, Fangirls. Last issue I was worried that things were getting too crazy in the world of the Holograms, but that didn’t prepare me for reading this issue. The Misfits are at the Benton house for their Halloween party, and they’ve just missed the music video release. That instills some rage in dear Pizazz’s heart, so she makes a new plan; tail Jem until they can get some alone time.


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Jem and the Holograms Issue 8

Fangirls I have good news and bad news. Bad news is, our girl Kari who was working so hard on these wonderful recapathons has retired. She’s working hard at school and work, and needs more time to focus on that. But it’s great, because she is a hard worker, and can do anything she puts her mind to. But the good news, is that the Jem reviews aren’t going away! Starting right back up with issue 8, I’m ready to go.


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Catwoman 44

Fangirls, this businenessy Catwoman is still throwing me off. I love that she’s in control and kicking ass, but it’s still bizarre to me that she runs a crime syndicate, and barely steals stuff anymore. But in the last issue, Eiko Hassigawa let Sionis think that she was the Catwoman he wanted, and got shot. Now both Catwomen need to talk, and they’ve got a big, green mediator.


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