Fangirl Wishlist

Oh, Fangirls. I have missed you so dearly. Over the last few months, I have been far, far away from Fangirls Are We, studying beverage in the wild land of college. Needless to say, spending my days in lectures on wine & spirits, writing essays about bitters, and touring breweries have deeply impacted the things my Fangirl Heart is craving this holiday season. Fellow cocktail nerds, rejoice!Read More »


DIY: Corkboard Blocks

image7Sometimes you have a bunch of scraps that can happily come together to create real DIY goodness. I had a bunch of left over scrap wood, but nothing big enough to really make anything. I also had a bunch of sheets of cork board laying that I had used for another project ages ago. One good brainstorm later, the two came easily together to make a pretty nifty and helpful thing.

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Let’s Talk About: Finding the Right Dildo for You

Funtoys_vibrators_byfunfactory61The world of sex toys can be awfully intimidating. Dildos are among the most commonly used, but that doesn’t make them any less overwhelming to learn about or look for than any other toys. There’s so much variety when it comes to dildos, which can seem daunting, but really, that’s the beauty of it. There’s a dildo out there to suit your needs exactly, you’ve just got to know where to start.

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DIY: Old Shelf Update

beforeaftershelfSo in my recent room renovation, I found a lot of stuff that had some potential. Now, I didn’t find this shelving unit, but I did clear it of all the childhood books it used to hold. I was just going to throw it away, but when I found some random old wood in my room, some wheels starting turning. I decided to attempt to update the shelf and make it into something more suited for me & my new room. The results were honestly much better than I had anticipated. Read More »

DIY: Industrial Pipe Shelves (Part I)

I adore industrial looking interior design. As I mentioned in one of my Live DIY videos, I’m redoing my room with a theme of “vintage industrial teen boy astronomy”. As you can tell, it’s pretty vague. Whatever it is, it suits my style. I think that those lovely shelving units made from industrial pipes would be perfect. The thing is, that metal piping is super expensive. So I’ve come up with a just as gorgeous way to do it yourself for much cheaper.

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