Working Nerdery

I wear a lot of nerd stuff, all the time. But because I’m someone with a 9-5 office job, I can’t always wear whatever I want; I have to dress it up a bit. So, two weeks ago I decided to wear something nerdy to work every day, and see if it made anything weird. Guess what Fangirls? It didn’t. We live in an age where nerdy clothing is accessible and common enough that we can wear it to the workplace! Here are some of the ways I dressed up my nerd wear.

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ColourPop Haul-oween

‘m pretty dang proud of this title, so let me just bask in that for a brief moment. Alright…now that I had that pleasure, lets get to it! I ordered some things from ColourPop (a super rad and inexpensive cosmetics brand). For the most part, I have only ordered their lipsticks as I have not dove into the world of eyeshadow in a very long time, but seeing as Halloween is on a Monday this year and many people will be trying to look spooky, I decided to break the comfort level and grab some eyeshadows (along with a highlighter & blush that are not included in this because I still have too much fear to wear them).


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Feminerd: Women in the Workforce


Issues that women face in the workforce are one of the most frustrating things to me. It boggles me that a problem that has been so known to the world for so long is still a problem. Its quite an easy fix, too. The real problem, and the hardest part of solving the bigger picture, is that women being equal to men or in place of power is so foreign to most people. Women included.

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Let’s Talk About Sex: Male & Female Anatomy

Fangirls! This week, we’re going back to basics. An important, and what should be the first, step in being a sexually positive person is understanding what the heck is going on. Many people are very intimidated by their own genitals, and that’s got to change. There appears to be so much going on, but once you learn what you’re working with, it’s so much easier to keep everything in tip top shape and put it to good use!

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