Haters Back Off

Alright Fangirls; I was scrolling through Netflix last week (dismayed that they still haven’t put the most recent season of Bob’s Burgers up) when Haters Back Off popped up. Since it was only 8 episodes, I figured I may as well try it out, and see how I liked it.


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The A.V. Club

portland-press-herald_3278451A few years ago, admit the height of my YouTube obsession (though I’m not certain I’ve ever come down), I discovered an amazing channel along with my brother that we totally fell in love with. It’s combines the wonder of live music with the fun of covers and the thrill of incredible musicians. Though it seemed like it might have been short lived, the show is alive & kicking more than ever in it’s now sixth season. Plus, they’ve got an incredible website offering even more goodies to boot. Read More »

Watch: Buzzfeed Video

photoA lot of people have a lot of varying opinions regarding Buzzfeed. However, I think for the most part, people are as into it as I am. I think they are the perfect media & entertainment source for young people today, and are just making killer content. Among that content, are some damn amazing videos that I can’t seem to take my eyes off of.

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Let’s Talk About: YouTube for Sex Education

flat,800x800,075,t.u1I believe that the internet is far from something that should be written off as an education source. Sure, the internet is full of a lot of bullshit, silly things, but is also a incredibly useful source of information on thousands of topics, my favorite to research of course being sex. I have found so much fantastic, real information online, most abundantly from incredible people on YouTube.

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This Just Out with Liz Feldman

ThisJustOutLogoFangirls, let me tell you all about a little show that has come to mean a lot to me. You won’t find it on any prime time slot, on any fancy network, or any television for that matter. This Just Out with Liz Feldman is a web show that came to be a huge source of knowledge & entertainment for little 14-year-old me. Now, it’s back at it to entertain the 21-year-old me. I’m welcoming This Just Out back with wide open arms.

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Watch: Lip Service

Lip-Service-Cast-lip-service-36790327-1200-799I’ve recently been re-watching a series that I had first binged through a few years ago. I found it about two years after its first season, right before it’s second, and final season aired. It’s a British television show, with no actors I had known before, but something had seemed very familiar and comforting about it to me. Then, not very long into starting it, I realized why I fell so hard for Lip Service.

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