Nerds Take New York

Fangirls it has been a minute since I’ve been to my birth state, but last weekend I went up to NYC to hang out and see each other. Admittedly, it wasn’t nearly enough time, but we had a blast while we were there. Also, I’ve been to NYC numerous times as a child and teenager, but never spent much time there as an adult (it’s expensive as heck, man). So I’ve seen a good amount of NYC during the day, but getting to walk around at night was wonderful. One of the things that there are an overwhelming number of options with, is food. So I thought I’d share some of the food we ate!

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NGE: Danny Phantom Brownies

Gotta eat ’em all ’cause he’s Danny Phantom.

Danny Phantom was a pretty rad show about a dude in high school who accidentally turned into a half ghost and he had to deal with his ghost hunter parents along with other teenage nonsense. It was a fun show, and awhile back someone suggested that I make something Danny Phantom themed for Nerds Gotta Eat. And here we are.

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Spiced Apple Cider Muffins

Alright Fangirls, I’ve been sitting on this recipe for quite some time, waiting for the best occasion to use it. This week, there are 2 perfect events; small holiday party at work today, and the Super Art Fight Non-Denominational Holiday Spectacular tomorrow night. So last night I made a quick batch, and tonight I’ll be making a double recipe, because these muffins are delicious and I can’t get enough. So let’s dive in!


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Nerds Gotta Eat: Pumpkin Whipped Cream

Alright Fangirls, I’ve got to be honest with you; this originally wasn’t going to be about whipped cream. At first, I read a recipe about peanut butter mousse that was super simple, and though to myself,¬†hey, let’s make this all about Halloween, and just do pumpkin but guess what. Pumpkin doesn’t turn into mouse as easily as I hoped. But I had the ingredients to make whipped cream, and also waffles, so I did that!


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Nerds Gotta Eat: Zucchini Bread

Alright Fangirls, lets talk about this super tasty bread. When I last saw Rob’s parents, it was at a dinner specifically so I could meet his maternal grandparents (and uncle). His mother created a magnificent spread of food, and made us some Zucchini Loaf for dessert. Being (possibly) the pickiest eater on the planet, I was not super about the idea of eating anything zucchini because I’m usually not a fan of it. I was assured that this would change my mind, and as skeptical as I was, I tried it. It was incredibly delicious, and I’ve now made it twice on my own (which is also my first time making bread), with a zucchini from Rob’s mother’s garden!


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