Nerds Gotta Drink: Mabel Pines’ Spooky Brews

Fangirls, I just adore Gravity Falls. I think it’s one of the most rad shows out there, and I get so pumped that it’s a Disney show! A couple weeks ago I read Dipper & Mabel’s Guide to Mystery and Nonstop Fun, and one of the activities in it were two drinks, suggested by Mabel. Originally there was no alcohol in them, but I changed the recipes just a bit, so there could be some!


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High Fructose Zombies: Interview with David Phillips & Sarah Braly

Hey Fangirls!  A couple weeks back I was lucky enough to go to Special Edition: NYC and meet some absolutely lovely independent creators.  I think independent creators are some of the most amazing and inspiring people on the planet.  They make what they love, and to me, that’s beautiful.  Two of the individuals I met at SE:NYC were David Phillips and Sarah Braly.  Let me tell you, Fangirls, these folks really know how to catch an eye.  In a sea of grey and blue tables, their’s was neon green.  It was littered in lovely yet despicable cupcakes, and had some really intriguing comics on top.  So when my friends were looking for back issues that I wasn’t concerned with, I sneaked off to the High Fructose Zombies table.


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The Walking Dead: “Alone”

maxresdefaultThis episode title refers to a few things. It refers to Bob, whom we saw travel alone for some time before Daryl and Glenn found him wandering the road and offered a spot at the prison after he answered the 3 questions to their satisfaction. It also refers to Maggie, whom at one point goes off alone to try and get to Terminus and find Glenn. Lastly, it refers to Daryl, whom at the end of this episode is left alone before getting picked up by a band of sketchy survivors.

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The Walking Dead: “Claimed”

The-Walking-Dead-4x11So this episode was pretty quiet, but it was still quite enjoyable. There were a few walkers here and there, but people were the bigger threat in this one. Glenn and Tara are now travelling with Abraham, Eugene, and Rosita after they picked them up on the side of the road, Glenn is passed out at the beginning of the episode, but when he wakes up,m some head butting happens, but I will get to that.

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