Heroes Reborn Part 2

Well, Fangirls, here is the last ever Heroes post. Heroes Reborn has ended, and boy was that final episode emotional. I have a lot of thoughts so let’s jump right in.

heroes 3

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The Love for Pokémon Just Doesn’t Stop

Alright, Fangirls. I know we’ve talked about a pretty copious amount of Pokémon stuff here, but I’m not done. I really do enjoy Pokémon more than I thought I would, and I think a big part of that is because I am coming into the game so late with it. Everything has been done before; I have access to things like Bulbapedia that are incredibly helpful, a ton of friends far more experienced in the world of pocket monsters who can help me out, and new games coming out this year (the rerelease of the original versions of Red, Blue, and Yellow, along with Pokémon Go set to release later this year). I’m playing Pokémon at a pretty wonderful time.


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Miss Spa Face Masks

I bought these two face masks from Ulta, the last time I bought stuff. I love Ulta, because they offer a wide range of brands, at wonderful prices. Plus, when you order online and spend over $35, you get free shipping! So as I realized I was close to my $35 goal, I went to check out some face masks, and these stood out to me.


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Signs Point to Yes by Sandy Hall

Fangirls, I picked this book up because I have a weird love of teen romance stories. I don’t want that gross intensity of adult romance reads, I want cute cliches of teenage life. Signs Point to Yes was exactly that!


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Captain Marvel Issue 1

Guess who’s back/back again? Carol’s back/tell your friends! Captain Marvel is back with an all new team and an all new storyline, and I’m incredibly excited about it. One issue in and our girl has already kicked the perfect amount of butt; I love it.


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Interview with Annie Stoll and Kevin Jay Stanton of 1001 Knights

Fangirls, I had the amazing opportunity to send some questions to Annie Stoll and Kevin Jay Stanton of the fully funded 1001 Knights anthology. 1001 Knights is a project that seems beyond amazing, and is still available to back on kickstarter, which means you can get in on the action still! The next push goal is to get more foil color to the anthology covers, and they’re only about $5,000 away from that goal. You can learn more about and pledge to the kickstarter here.


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Nerds Gotta Eat: Mystery Meat Burger with Cipher Chips

With the final episode of Wierdmaggedon quickly approaching, what better way to celebrate the wonders of Gravity Falls than with a delicious burger and homemade chips? Spoilers: the Mystery Meat isn’t meat. It’s a perfect snack for the Mystery Shack, and great for vegetarians from here to Gravity Falls.


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