American Gods Episode 4

I’m so excited for this week’s episode. Why? Because it’s all new territory. After last week’s surprise of Laura being dead but not dead, tonight is all about Laura. We are getting all new story never before told in the books. I love it.

american gods tv 1

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Alien: Covenant

Fangirls, I’ve done it. I’ve made it through the entire Alien series and loved (almost) every minute of it! I came into this series worried that it would cause nightmares and make me fear my mum (surprise, she looks EXACTLY like Ripley), but oh my goodness did I have a blast watching these. We watched Aliens 3 through Covenant this weekend, and I honestly went into Covenant thinking I would like it. I thought that since I didn’t hate 3 or Prometheus (which I was told that I would), that Covenant wouldn’t be that bad.

There are spoilers ahead, so be careful. 

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Rosemary, Mint, & Sand Soap from Green Village Soap Co

Two very important things to know about me; I love mint but I hate sand. I don’t know why exactly I thought buying a soap full of sand would make me a happy camper, but I guess 2 years ago I did not think before I bought soap (lets be honest, I still usually don’t). Also, I’ve had this soap for two years, before I tried it; sheesh, self. It makes me very glad that I’m not buying soap until I’ve worked through what I’ve got; there’s some super old soap in my cabinet, just waiting to be used. But this one!

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Difficult Women by Roxanne Gay

I did not read anything about this book before I bought it. I assumed it was just a story about strong women in someone’s life, and how they influenced the writer and/or main character. But this is a series of essays or short stories about struggles that are very real (and some that aren’t quite real) for women all over the world.

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My Body

I have a lot of issues with my body; the way it jiggles and how muscles never seem to be defined. I don’t like that I break out in acne often because of my exercise & facial cleaning routines. I don’t like the way my thighs rub together when I walk or run; not just because I don’t like how it looks, but that’s something that can genuinely hurt.

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American Gods Episode 3

So far, I feel like episode 3 has covered the least amount of pages from the book. A lot happened, don’t get me wrong, but this episode didn’t feel as full as the past two have. We get a few new characters, two new vignettes, and a Shadow who begins to believe…maybe.

american gods tv 1

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Henchgirl by Kristen Gudsnuk

Friends, I finally sat down and read the trade collection of Henchgirl, Kristen Gudsnuk’s comic. I’ve known Kristen for a couple of years, and am so happy that this fantastic story was picked up by Dark Horse.

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