New York

I visited my family in New York this week, and it was quite wonderful, but also frustrating. My depression has been worsening and it makes finding a place that feels like home seem impossible; I feel like since I’ve moved out, me being back is a hassle to my family, especially since my grandmother is staying there, and tat makes for a pretty full house. But at the same time, I don’t feel very at home in Maryland either. I feel like everyone that has done anything there to help out is doing so because they are friends with Rob, and want him to be happy, not because of me.

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Fangirls, you need to see Moana. It is all I talk and think about, and the only music I listen to. It’s beyond phenomenal, and I want everyone to love it as much as I do.


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Julep November Box

Fangirls, I really like subscription boxes. I try not to get them though, because I have a lot of products. But when I saw that Julep was doing a free November box, I couldn’t resist. As a birthday present to myself, I paid the $2.50 or so in shipping, and had one sent to the apartment. It got to us right on my birthday, and it had three rad products in it.


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Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

I went into this movie with very specific expectations. I wanted a movie about magical animals, and Newt Scamander finding them in New York City. That isn’t quite what I got, but I still really enjoyed myself.


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I know that journals usually happen on Fridays, but this past Friday was my birthday. I struggle pretty hard with birthdays; I tend to not feel like I’ve accomplished as much as others my age, and that gives me a lot of anxiety. I have had birthdays where I couldn’t leave my room because I was so overwhelmed. It seems like my worst birthdays are milestone birthdays, and luckily 24 isn’t that much of a milestone (unlike 16, where you’re *supposed to* get your permit, or 18 where you’re legal, or even 21 when you can purchase and consume alcohol). I did pretty okay for most of Friday, and I think it’s because I’m very lucky to have kind and understanding people in my life.


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Lush Haul-iday Part 1

Fangirls, as many of you know, I’m an idiot for Lush products. I love their collections, their mission, everything. So last month (when I was still buying beauty treats for myself) I picked up a good sized chunk of their Holiday collection.


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Nerds Gotta Eat: Apple Cheese Melt

If you’re like Snow White, and love apples, this is the easiest, healthy breakfast out there. All you need is a couple slices of apple, some jam, an english muffin, and cheddar cheese, and you’re set.


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