Rosemary, Mint, & Sand Soap from Green Village Soap Co

Two very important things to know about me; I love mint but I hate sand. I don’t know why exactly I thought buying a soap full of sand would make me a happy camper, but I guess 2 years ago I did not think before I bought soap (lets be honest, I still usually don’t). Also, I’ve had this soap for two years, before I tried it; sheesh, self. It makes me very glad that I’m not buying soap until I’ve worked through what I’ve got; there’s some super old soap in my cabinet, just waiting to be used. But this one!

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Difficult Women by Roxanne Gay

I did not read anything about this book before I bought it. I assumed it was just a story about strong women in someone’s life, and how they influenced the writer and/or main character. But this is a series of essays or short stories about struggles that are very real (and some that aren’t quite real) for women all over the world.

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My Body

I have a lot of issues with my body; the way it jiggles and how muscles never seem to be defined. I don’t like that I break out in acne often because of my exercise & facial cleaning routines. I don’t like the way my thighs rub together when I walk or run; not just because I don’t like how it looks, but that’s something that can genuinely hurt.

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American Gods Episode 3

So far, I feel like episode 3 has covered the least amount of pages from the book. A lot happened, don’t get me wrong, but this episode didn’t feel as full as the past two have. We get a few new characters, two new vignettes, and a Shadow who begins to believe…maybe.

american gods tv 1

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Henchgirl by Kristen Gudsnuk

Friends, I finally sat down and read the trade collection of Henchgirl, Kristen Gudsnuk’s comic. I’ve known Kristen for a couple of years, and am so happy that this fantastic story was picked up by Dark Horse.

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Sense8 Season 2

The second season of the Netflix series Sense8 was released on May 5th. Even though I didn’t get to binge watch it, I did finish it at 1am Monday night. I reviewed season 1 and the holiday special here and here. I liked season 1 and I loved the holiday special. But season 2 is the best the show has ever been.

sense8 2

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On Treating Yourself for Yourself VS for Others

I didn’t really know what to title this, or honestly to what end I’m writing this. It’s not a reaction to something that was said, nor is it an attack on those who have different opinions than mine; I just needed to write it down. The other day I posted the below photo in my Instagram story, because I realized that I use a lot of products daily. As soon as I posted it, I realized that though my friends aren’t usually the type to assume, some folks may see that as a way to either humble brag that I spend too much on products (1. It’s my money & 2. I’ve actually slowed my spending tremendously because I have so much product that hasn’t been used yet), or to show how hard I work to make myself look good.

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