Game of Thrones Parts 4 & 5 (Part 2)

Ok, Fangirls, I’ve finally gotten through seasons 4 and 5 of Game of Thrones. I’ll be honest, between having little time and being irritated by a few things within the show, it was a struggle. I’m going to break this up and discuss each season individually.

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Snotgirl Issues 1 – 2

Fangirls, I’ve been drooling over this book since I first saw it was coming out. I decided that it was a comic worth waiting to get physically, so I just got the first two issues this weekend. And of course, when I got them, I immediately plopped down to read them. Written by Bryan Lee O’Malley and illustrated by Leslie Hung, Snotgirl is a dream right off the bat.


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AcneDote from Alba Botanica

A couple months ago, Fangirls, I found out that Noxema has gelatin in it, and I immediately stopped using it. I don’t us gelatin because it’s gross and lame. So I was out of a face wash. For awhile, I was using my Ocean Scrub from Lush (which I love, and lasts forever) but with the move coming up, I wasn’t going to buy a whole new thing until I got down to Maryland. I was lucky enough to have a mother who felt bad about the gelatin in our Noxema, so she found me a new face scrub before I left.


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Too Many Things

To say this week has been eventful would be a massive understatement. I feel very deserving of a laid back weekend, but I know that we aren’t staying home tomorrow because one of the roommates is having a Madden party, and bathroom trips in my pjs in front of a bunch of dudes I don’t know isn’t really my gig. So the crazy won’t be ending just yet (as cliché as it is, I think it’s just starting.


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Nerds Gotta Eat: Tasty Tortizza

The short of the long is, Fangirls, that I’m always hungry. This is why I struggle with my weight so much, and why I have such severe body issues; all I want to do is eat garbage. Especially at that oh-so-awful time of the month when everything bloats and I become a walking cramp. It’s not fun to be a woman, but its a thing that has to be dealt with. In loving food so much, I have to force myself to eat not-so-garbage things when I get that obscene hunger that makes me want to explode. Something that has always scratched that CONSUME ALL itch, is personal pizza.


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A-Force #6

Welcome back to another episode of Amanda-catches-up-on-comics. It’s been a lengthy one today – I fell really behind. But I’m finally having time to catch up so here we go with A-Force #6.

a-force 29

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Kubo and the Two Strings

Fangirls, Kubo came out this weekend. I’ve been wanting to see this movie since I saw the rad trailer where scary twins hauntingly call his name. Plus having Laika be the creative force behind it made me too excited. I’m going to stay as far away from spoilers in this, but I will be mentioning a couple plot points, so if you’re really pumped about it but haven’t seen it yet, maybe don’t click that read more button.


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