Glister by Andi Watson

I bought Glister at my favorite bookstore a couple weeks ago because I needed a switch up from the comics I was reading (no offense, Rick & Morty). I knew it would be different, it has a very different look to it than many “mainstream” comics. So I was excited for the change in my routine.

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Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator

I had never played a dating simulator before this one, and I had never dated a dad either. But being a big Game Grumps fan, and loving just how unique this was, I lost myself in DDADDS (DADS) this entire weekend. It’s honestly the only reason I’m glad I was sick.  Continue reading

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Hey Fangirls! I just wanted to drop in and apologize for an overall lac of posting. I’ve been struggling with a series of mental and physical health issues, and those 100% take precedence over writing. I’m working on prioritizing and time management, and finding a good number of weekly articles. I feel like the full 7 is far too many for me alone, so hopefully reducing the number and finding a good schedule will make writing easier and a better quality for all of you to read!

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Ex Officio Travelers Undies

I heard about these travelers undies while listening to travel blogs at work one day. Since my mum and I are preparing for a week-long trip to the UK with just our carry-on luggage, I’m looking for as many ways as possible to make my pack lighter (more space=more room for souvenirs). One of the blogs I was listening to brought Ex Officio up; apparently their underwear is some of the best in travel for men and women, so I figured I would try it out!

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She Persisted written by Chelsea Clinton & illustrated by Andrea Boiger

I bought this book for my two year old cousin the other day. He is not the target audience, but I was excited to find a book that was aimed at little ones with some incredibly important ladies in it.

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Earth Bomb by da Bomb Bath Fizzers

Writing the name of this bath bomb now, I see that the creators have made a grave mistake. Calling. It an Earth Bomb is possibly not the best decision, but I was drawn in by the cute green, blue, and white swirls that make this bath bomb look like our planet (and the surprise inside).

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Being There by Jerzy Kosinski

I had heard that this was an interesting book from my boyfriend a couple times, and was heading up to NYC, so I needed some small entertainment. I tossed Jerzy Kosinski’s Being There in my bag, despite the “it’ll only take you 5 minutes to read” warnings I received. He was right; the book is incredibly short and only took me a small amount of time to read. But it was fantastic.

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